Our Photography Services

Venu Shetty has taken photographs that tell a story, and that are more easily understood than many others. Each of his portraits tells you all about the subject. He felt as though there was a secret hidden behind each woman and man. Whether he captures a gleaming eye or a gesture done totally unconsciously, these are times when humans temporarily lose their masks. Venu Shetty portraits communicate with people.

Family Portraits A family is but an earlier heaven.Our photographers help capture the togetherness and belonging that your family has.
Aerial Photography Be it a plane , helicopter, balloon or other airborne device, the world feels so different when viewed from above.
Wedding /Event Photography A wedding is a Once-in-a-lifetime(hopefully at least) experience.There is nothing more gratifying for us than documenting and capturing the string of magical moments that make up a wedding.
Fashion Photography Everyone wants to see exciting pictures of beautiful people and great products presented with incredible artistry

and to simply make the viewer stop, stare, and think “wow!